about us

The American Radio Choir (ARC) was founded in New York in 2006 by Artistic Director Daniel Shaw with the mission to perform and record American Music with the finest professional singers in New York City. We have made four recordings which can be heard here, on our CD's, iTunes, and informal videos of sections our most recent recording can be found on YouTube. Currently we are preparing for our second international collaboration with a guest conductor Claude Levy, an award winning conductor from Beziers France. We are also expanding our Choral Scholars program to include a community outreach concert series and to participate in the Saint Paul's Chapel concert series at Columbia University, NYC.

Volume 1 (5/28/09)
Soprano: Lauren Alfano*, Elizabeth Barber, Ruth Cunningham, Perri Sussman*, Karin Weibert
Alto: Biraj Barkakaty, Melissa Bourne*, Yonah Gershator, Robert Isaacs, Ilana Worrell, Laurie Yorr
Tenor: Tom Brand, Martin Donor, Steven Fox, Steven Wilson,
Bass: Adam Alexander, Stephan Krchgraber, Massami Morimoto, Desmond Moulton, Mark Sullivan
Recording Engineer: Matuesz Zechowski
Guest Conductor: Claude Levy
Artistic Director: Daniel Shaw

Demo (6/5/08)
Soprano: Lauren Bradley, Melissa Hughes, Jolle Greenleaf, Molly Quinn
Alto: Georgianna Askoff, Luthien Brackett, Nacole Palmer, Llana Worrell
Countertenor: Biraj Barkakaty, Robert Isaacs
Tenor: Philip Anderson, Martin Donor, Oliver Mercer, Steven Fox, Alex Wang
Bass: Jesse Cromer, Greg Frens, Jim Gregory, Mark Sullivan
Accompanist: Mark Kruczek
Recording Engineer: Blanton Alspaugh
Artistic Director: Daneil Shaw

Music of the New World (10/26-27/ 07)
Soprano: Lauren Bradley; Melissa Hughes; Molly Quinn, Mackenzie Thomas*
Alto: Sarah Nelson Craft, Dylan Schulman*, Anne Quigley*, Alison Tupay, Kirsten Sollek
Tenor: Martin Donor, Drew Martin, Alex Wang, Joshua Wolff
Bass: Jesse Cromer*, Chris Herbert, Jim Gregory, Chris Roselli, Joshua South
Recording Engineer: Joseph J. Fogarazzo
Artistic Director: Daniel Shaw

Pilot Recording (6/3/06)
Soprano: Lauren Bradley, Jolle Greenleaf, Melissa Hughes
Alto: Silvie Jensen, Sara Murphy, Geoff Williams
Tenor: Philip Anderson, Martin Donor, Steve Fox
Bass: Scott Lefurgy, Craig Phillips, Christopher Roselli
Recording Engineer, Blanton Alspaugh
Artistic Director: Daniel Shaw

The American Radio Choir is a sponsored project of the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA). NYFA is a 501c3 tax exempt organization founded in 1971 to work with the arts community throughout New York State to develop and facilitate programs in all disciplines. NYFA will receive grants on behalf of the American Radio Choir, ensure the use of grant funds in accordance with the grant agreements, and will provide program or financial reports as required.

Board of Directors

Daniel Shaw, Board President

Steven Fox, Board Vice President

Bill Summers, Board Secretary

Joanna Gibson, Treasurer