Welcome to our site, our first broadcast venue. To listen to us sing, click here or on any of the links above. The American Radio Choir was founded in New York in 2005 by Artistic Director Daniel Shaw with the mission to perform and record American choral music with New York City's most accomplished professional choral singers.

upcoming events:
French-American Collaborative Concert

We are proud to introduce an exciting intercultural musical concert and recording. Claude Lévy, founder and, for many years, conductor of La Cantarela (http://www.lacantarela.com), an award-winning choral group in France, will rejoin the American Radio Choir in US premiere of new music by young French composer Antoine Miannay.

Mr. Miannay, whose Salve Regina and Miserere can be heard on our listen page, has written a Stabat Mater, a choral work for adult and children's choir, with soloists and chamber orchestra, which has been premiered in France. The American Radio Choir will be hosting the US premiere of this piece in fall 2010, accompanied by a new commission by Mr. Miannay; a piece which commemorates world peace. The same program will feature music by American composer Barbara Gallagher.

The American Radio Choir performing a contemporary American composer's work